Visiting factory,learning the coffee roaster producting


In order to guide young people to personally experience the social practice of summer vacation, to further strengthen the extensive exchanges and mutual learning among the large groups of outstanding young people, and continuously improve the social awareness of the majority of outstanding young people. Our company takes the initiative to issue a call for "people interested in coffee" to the society. Let these interested people voluntarily visit the company's coffee maker factory. Let these interested people understand the production process of the coffee machine. Also learned how coffee is made.


After planning the time to visit the industrial park, the factory deployed. Under the leadership of the staff, came to the industrial park. The practice team has already had a preliminary understanding of the company through the preliminary search materials and can ask questions and communicate while visiting. The lecturer led the team members to visit each floor and introduced each department and its work. Explains the workflow vividly in easy-to-understand language. The employees of the company have consistently emphasized that if the company thrives in the competition, everyone must abide by the strict work system and rules.

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