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Firstly, unpacking. It's packed in wooden boxes for easy transportation. A wrench for unscrew is provided. Easy to disassemble.

Open the wooden box


The display after power-on. With the lights, the whole feeling comes out, the appearance is quite cool.

Roasting basic information display

Start to warm up. Infrared heating

During the warm-up period, prepare the beans. This time I chose 300 grams green beans to roast. The beans are Yunnan Sunshine Katim.

Roasting begins

Heat up

The roasting is over, and a 5-minute roasting curve ran

The silver leather is very clean

Pour out the beans.The color looks good, quite even

After roasting, there is no instrument that can measure color values, let's take a look briefly. Bean color.

Powder color

Start cupping. Normal cup measurement of water-to-powder ratio, temperature and time

Slag breaking. 

Cup test summary: The dry and wet scents are very clean, without the smell of smoke and baking defects.

Then I tried a few different roasting curves: 8 minutes of standard roasting

5 minutes of standard roasting

All in all, this roasting machine occupies a small area and is easy to operate. Novices can also get started quickly. After learning a little bit of roasting knowledge, you can actually operate it on this equipment. The amount of roasting at a time is not large, which fully meets the amount of family drinking. As a store operation, you can roast some samples, or you can roast some single-origin coffee. The cool appearance is also suitable for decoration in the store.

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