How to extract coffee correctly?


According to different working principles or forms, extraction methods are mainly divided into soaking type, drip filter type, pressurized type, etc.

The soaking type refers to immersing coffee powder in hot water and maintaining it for a period of time. Common ones include cupping, French pressure pot, clever cup, and soaking variant siphon pot.

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Dripping type refers to the extraction in which hot water is poured into coffee powder, the water passes through the coffee powder through gravity, and finally flows into the container.

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The pressurized type refers to the use of 2-10 atmospheres of hot water to act on the caky form coffee powder. Under the combined action of high temperature and water pressure, the coffee liquid with oil is extracted. There are mainly Italian extraction and Aeropress.

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Under the same extraction rate, the flavor of coffee extracted by different methods is not the same. These methods have their own characteristics. For example, the drip filter type can provide a better layering, the soaking type has a uniform taste, and the pressurized type can obtain a mellow oil.

Each extraction method is a subject. Which one do you like?

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